2001: A Space Oddysey

A Cup of Kindness Stories from Scotland

A History of Britain ( Fact Files)

Alcott, L. M. – Little Women

Amis, K. – We are all Guilty

Andrews, I. – On the Edge

Austen, J. – Emma

Austen, J. – Pride and Prejudice

Austen, J. – Sense and Sensbility

Australia and New Zealand + CD

Backman, F. – My Grandmother sends her Regards

Baum, L. F. – The Wizard of OZ

Bronte, E. – Wuthering Heights

Bronte, E. – Wuthering Heights Book and MP3

Bronte, Ch. – Jane Eyre

Brown, D. J . – The Boys in the Boat

Buchan, J. – The Thirty-Nine Steps

Burnett, F. H. – The Secret Garden

Campion, J. – The Piano

Canterville Ghost and Other Stories Book and MP3

Caroll, L. – Through the Looking -Glass

Carrol, L. – Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland

Conrad, J. – Lord Jim

Conrad, J. – The Secret Agent

Cooper, J. F. – Last of the Mohicans (The Book and MP3 Pack)

Cooper, J., F. – The Last of the Mohicans

Cox, M. – Horror stories

Crane, S. – The Red Badge of Courage

Curtis, R. – Notting Hill Book and MP3 Pack

Dahl, R. – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dahl, R. – Man from the South and Other Stories

Dahl, R. – Matilda

De Bernieres, L. – Captain Correli´s Mandolin

Defoe, D. – Robinson Crusoe

Dickens, Ch. – A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens, Ch. – David Copperfield

Dickens, Ch. – Great Expectations

Dickens, Ch. – Great Expectations Book and MP3

Dickens, Ch. – Christmas Carol

Dickens, Ch. – Oliver Twist

Doyle, – A. C. – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Doyle, A. C. – Adventures and Memories of Sherlok Holmes

Doyle, A. C. – Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool

Doyle, A. C. – Sherlock Holmes Short Stories

Doyle, A. C. – Sherlock Holmes The Boscombe Pool

Doyle, A. C. – The Hound of the Baskervilles

Du Maurier, D. – The Birds

Du Murier, D. – Jamaica Inn

Dumas, A. – The Count of Monte Christo

Eliot, G. – Silas Marner

Ellison, R. – The Invisible Man

Fitzgerald, F. S. – The Great Gatsby

Frazier, Ch. – Cold Mountain

Freeland, J. – Garden Party

Golden, A. – Memoirs of Geisha

Goom, W. – Forrest Gump

Gould, S. – Reflex

Graham, K. – The Wind in the Willows

Green, R. L. – King Arthur and the Knights

Green, R. L. – King Arthur and the Knights of Round Table

Grisham, J. – The Client

Grisham, J. – The Chamber

Grisham, J. – The Pelican Brief

Hailey, A. – Airport

Hardy, T. – Far From the Madding Crowd

Hardy, T. – Tales from Longpuddle

Hardy, T. – Tess of the D´Urbervilles (original)

Hawkings, P. – The Girl on the Train

Hawthorne, N. – The Scarlet Letter

Highsmith, P. – The Talented Mr Ripley

Chaucer, G. – The Canterbury Tales

Christie, A. – Death on the Nile

Ireland ( Fact Files)

Irving, J. – A Widow for One Year The Observations

Irving, J. – The Cider House Rules

James, H. – Daisy Miller

James, H. – Washington Square

Jerome K. J. – Three Men in a Boat

Joyce, J. – Ulysses

Kerouac, J. – On the Road

Kidd, R. – Pirates of the Carribean

Kipling, R. – The Jungle Book

Lamb, Ch. – More Tales from Shakespeare

Laura I., W. – Little House on the Prairie

Lawrence, D. H. – Sons and Lovers

Lewis, C. – Alice in Wonderland

London, J. – White Fang

Man with Two Shadows and Other Ghost stories Book

Melvile, H. – Moby Dick

Mikes, G. – How to be an Alien

Mitchell, M – Gone with the Wind Part 1

Mitchell, M. – Gone with the Wind Part 2

Montgomery, L. M. – Anne of Green Gables

Morrrison, T. – Beloved

Nabb, M. – Death of an Englishman

Nesbit, E. – The Railway Children

Nesbo, J. – The Redeemer

New Yorkers (2)

Nicholas, E. – The Horse Whisperer

Orwell, G. – 1984

Park, N. – The Wrong Trousers

Pelzer, D. – A Child Called It

Poe, E. A. – Selected Tales

Poe, E. A. – Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Poe, E. A. – Outstanding Short Stories

Poe, E. A. – Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Poe, E. A. – The Black Cat

Poe, E., A. – The Masque of the Red Death

Poe, E.A. – The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Puzo, M. – The Godfather

Queen, E. – The Scarlet Letter

Rinehart, M. R. – The Butler Did It

Sallinger, J. D. – The Catcher in the Rye

Sandel, M. – Justice

Sewell, A. – Black Beauty

Shakespeare, W. – A Midsummer Night´s Dream

Shakespeare, W. – Hamlet

Shakespeare, W. – Macbeth

Shakespeare, W. – Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare, W. – The Merchant of Venice

Shaw, G. B – My Fair Lady

Shelley, M. – Frankenstein

Stargate (3)

Steel, D. – Dangerous Games

Steinbeck, J. – East fo Eden

Steinbeck, J. – Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck, J. – The Grapes of Wrath

Stevenson, R. L. – Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Stevenson, R. L. – Treasure Island

Stevenson, R. L. – Treasure Island Book and MP3 Pack

Stewart, M. – This Rough Magic

Stories from Shakespeare

Stray Dog ( Poems of the Fighting Freak)

Stroker, B. – Dracula

Stroker, B. – Dracula

Swift, J. – Gulliver´s Travels

Swift, J. – Gulliver´s Travels

Thackeray, W. M. – Vanity Fair

Thackeray, W. M. – Vanity Fair

The History of English Language

The Real Mc Coy (Other Ghost Stories )

The USA + CD (Fact Files)

The Wild West

The Works of E. A. Poe

Treasury of Fairy Tales (original)

Turow, S. – Presumed Innocent

Twain, M. – The Adventures of Huclkelberry Finn

Twain, M. – The Prince and the Pauper

Waugh, E. – Decline and Fall

Wells, H. G. – The War of the Worlds

Wilde, O. – Canterville Ghost and Other Stories Book and MP3

Wilde, O. – The Canterville Ghost

Wilde, O. – The Importance of Being Earnest

Wilde, O. – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wyndham, J. – Web