Amabile Czech Girls‘ Choir  

The choir Amabile has essentially belonged to the history of Secondary pedagogical school in Nová Paka. At the present time Mgr. Alena Matějovská is in charge of Amabile. She took over the imaginary baton from PaedDr. Božena Maxiánová who is together with Václav Brádle the founder of the choir. Amabile was established on 1st of September 1975. Jana Lamce Šťovíčková, Marie Čančíková and Svjatoslav Ščyhol were pianists of the choir in recent years. Since September 2010, Tomáš Borůvka has been the pianist. Amabile has both music of classical masters and current modern works in the repertoire. The arrangement of folk music forms a special part of Amabile’s repertoire. This choir has always been assessed on contribution in dramaturgy and sensitive music show.

Almost sixty girls meet regularly in a music classroom on Monday afternoons. It is their great music enthusiasm and a desire for doing fine music that connects them. Singing in a choir helps students to fill their free time and moreover to familiarize themselves with worthy art works. A good many members of Amabile started out on a difficult journey of further education. Thus some of the former students of SPgŠ (since 2006 SOŠPg), members of Amabile, became teachers of Music at Elementary schools or even certificated choirmasters.

By singing in a choir girls learn not only cultivated singing but they also personally get to know how hard it is to organize a concert tour or a singing performance. We are really glad that a lot of them use the acquired knowledge with little singers.

Though the aim and purpose of working in a choir is not to compete or pit our strength against others, Amabile can boast about series of awards. Such as „Stříbrné pásmo“ (The silver band) at a music festival in Karlovy Vary, in Litomyšl or acknowledgment at Harant’s festival of historical singing. However, the greatest reward is the sincere applause of listeners. Nová Paka’s community belong to the faithful visitors of our concerts, especially during the traditional spring concerts, when the choir also entertains other childrens‘ choirs of Nová Paka, and Christmas concerts in a monastery „The Assumption of the Virgin“. It was a great privilege for Amabile to sing in this church with, as for instance, boys’choir Boni Pueri from Hradec Králové or Kateřina Englich, an excelent Czech harpist. The choir has its loyal audiance also in a nearby town Pecka. Every year Amabile comes here to participate in Harant’s festival of historical music and at Christmas it comes to Pecka with a special Christmas programme.

On numerus occasions Amabile gave concerts abroad, too. In the last ten years our choir visited Austria, Switzerland or German town Budyšín. A very succesful event was an exchange tour with a Lithuanian choir from Čiurlionis’s grammar school in Vilnius. A Tour in Belgium in spring 2006 was also a great success. Since 2004 the choir has been twinned with Polish school in Mieroszowe and arts centre in Boguszow in Poland. Secondary pedagogical school in Levice in Slovakia has been our partner school since 2008.

In 2009 the choir Ambile released its second CD. The choir Amabile is an amateur ensemble but a lot of its members made a good use of their „making music“ in their lives. For example when the girls establish their own childrens‘ choirs. So the joy for common singing continues and is handed over again and again…