1. System of education in the ESC

2. System of education in the CR

3. Going to the theatre. Outstanding playwright W. Shakespeare

4. The Czech Republic

5. Prague

6. The United Kingdom

7. London

8. The USA

9. Washington, New York

10. Eating habits in the ESC and the CR

11. Types of houses in the UK and the USA

12. Membership of the CR in the international organizations

13. Australia and New Zealand

14. Festivals and traditions in the ESC and the CR

15. Health problems in modern society

16. Nová Paka / your hometown

17. Global issues

18. The mass media and communication

19. National sports and games

20. Weather and climate. Natural disasters

21. Great world personalities from various fields

22. Environmental problems. Protection of the environment

23. Science and technology in modern life

24. English literature

25. American literature